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Welch Painting Pty LTD are the point of difference.

Professional painting is a skill that requires years of experience to do properly. Two decades ago, I began to learn the proper techniques of painting as an apprentice for my father’s company, GJ Welch Painting Pty LTD based in Swansea, Wales, UK. My experience in my father’s company took me all over Wales which allowed me to take on challenging jobs that range from the interiors of the Glyn Vivian Art Gallery and the Swansea Grand Theatre as well as huge contracts for banks, schools and the ministry of defence. I continued to build a vast client base with a team of 20 competitive and highly-skilled painters. Now based in Bayside, Australia, I bring to you my knowledge and excellent customer service so that I may provide you with the assistance in transforming your residences into beautiful homes.

Unfortunately, there are many people who pick up a brush a couple of times and begin calling themselves “painters”. My team and I learned the trade from the bottom up and we would love to demonstrate to you what a professional paint job looks like. We do not believe in short cuts. We don’t try to finish a job at break neck speed to make huge profits and nowhere to be seen in 12 months’ time when you, the customer, try calling with a complaint that your front door is peeling and the finish did not last. Through time, we have gathered the knowledge and understanding in creating finishes that are hard-wearing and guaranteed to last for years.

We offer a fair and competitive price which is always great value for your money. Allow us to transform your home and make it one that you would love to show your friends and family with a job that would last! We will also provide you with a 5-year guarantee and on top of that, we give our clients a call 6 months after a job has been completed to follow up on whether the paint of your home still pleases you.

My goal is to produce the highest quality of workmanship possible, come up with the greatest customer satisfaction with our services and to do my family’s name proud.

Martin Welch - Director

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